SPHERE 8 Cyber Academy ?
SPHERE 8 Cyber Academy focuses on cyber security capacity & knowledge, preparing Thai enterprises and their personnel for PDPA and other increasing global imminent cyber threats, strengthening their capacity and improving their cyber maturity posture. SPHERE 8 Cyber Academy offers virtual and offline training sessions via lectures, workshop, and cloud cyber labs. The Academy shall collaborate with Thailand's leading companies, and the participants shall be equipped with the ability to comprehend cyber challenges and practices, recognize organizations' vulnerabilities & threats, implement defensive measures, and enhance the policies and processes required for combating cyber threats.
About the Program

Virtual & Offline Lectures
with Guided Hands-on
Practice Cloud Cyber Labs

Nation-level Cyber Expert

Compliance & Training
for Global Cyber
Security Certifications

Candidate in Focus

C-Level Executives

Security Managers

GRC Managers

IT Architects

Red/Blue Team

Incident Response Team

SOC Team

Threat & Forensics Teams


Cyber Expert

Barak Sharabi
Infinity Technologies


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